Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Time to Get Caught Up

Everytime I think about blogging, I get overwhelmed because I'm sooooo far behind. So, instead of doing multiple blog posts, I chose to do just 1 with a bunch of pics to get you up to speed. I know I'm missing a bunch of other things too, but I'm not a great picture taking mom, so I had to go with what I had. Enjoy!

This pic is from my birthday night with Dan...I know you've seen pics from that night, but this is one of my favs so you get to see it again. If you have kids, you may be like Dan and I and RARELY remember to take pics of the 2 of you anymore, so when we do...I always hope it's a decent one. :)

A mini golf date with dad

On my actual birthday we took in our first movie as a whole family and we went and saw Toy Story 3....we had a TON of's going to be a rare thing though because taking a family of 5 to a movie is NOT a cheap adventure.

Josiah was in tumbling when he was 4, I plan to put Seth in tumbling this year during the day maybe and poor Alayna wanted to try gymnastics and never found a time to make it work until this summer. She had a great time! Not sure if we'll continue though because it's very time consuming and during the school year we try not to get too busy with activities.

Here she is on 'Parents Day' with flowers from Grandpa Holder...she felt very special!

The 3 Muskateers at Family Camp. They are friends from church and Seth loves running and playing with them.

Zoo cute is this????

And this???

Our animal lover!

We visited family friends at a lake cabin...always fun and refreshing!
Josiah and Isaac have been friends since birth (their parents forced it at first, but they have continued it on their own really well!)

Alayna and Ruthie enjoying their ride on the 'slow boat' -- pontoon

Unfortunately, Josiah wasn't feeling well while we were there...big bummer! This is him sleeping/resting during the pontoon ride.

He LOVED driving the jet ski with dad...surprised aren't you?? Ok, maybe you're not.

A cool geocache site...treasure hunting according to the fun according to mom and dad!

Fishing Fun...I used to go fishing ALL the time as a kid and I loved Josiah really enjoys fishing so tonight I got my fishing license and we set off to go fishing.

Our/MY catch of the night...I was the winner of not only the biggest fish, but the only fish...Josiah was not deterred though and he plans on going again SOON...sounds good to me! :)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Show the frog to mom

Another funny moment in the Holder House!

Family Camp

Once again...I'm WAY behind in updating all the happenings in the Holder Home. Instead of back-tracking I'm just going to push forward for now and maybe go back in time later.

This past weekend over the 4th of July we packed up (what felt like our whole house) and headed to Crystal Springs Family Camp. We enjoyed great fellowship with old friends and new friends. The weather was perfect for playing outside, enjoying the beach and spending a great time as a family.

Taking our 'circus act' isn't always easy, but we made it! We knew this year would probably be harder then next year and the years to come as our kids (mainly Seth) gets older, but we didn't want to miss out on the memories that could be made right now. We enjoyed great times together and here are some pics that I...oh wait, I'm a horrible mom who forgets to take pictures...that Amy took...enjoy!