Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Are you getting married?

Last night Dan and I were dancing in the kitchen and Seth said, "are you getting married?" He has a friend who's mom is getting married soon and so 'weddings' are common talk amongst 3 year olds right now. :) Anyway, we were talking about our wedding with all 3 kids last night and then decided to get out the old-school home video and watch it. Seth was bored after a bit, but the older 2 enjoyed watching it and it was fun for Dan and I to see and hear our vows to each other. I loved Dan then, but nearly 10 years and 3 kids later, I realize how much our love for each other has grown...I can't even imagine year 20....50....70+??

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It Clicked!

I'm not sure how it happened, but over the past few weeks I've watched the accidents get less and less every week until I realized over a week had gone by with ZERO accidents. Yes, it's official (isn't everything official once it's put on Facebook or Blog land??)
I'll be honest, I'm still a little nervous to declare it, (especially in capital letters with exclamation points,) but I'm so proud and relieved that I can't-not post it. Yes, some of you mommy's will do the math and realize that Seth is just over 3 years old and just finally potty trained, but it wasn't for lack of trying...he just didn't get it until now. But now that he does, I feel like I can FINALLY breath a sign of relief. For all you mommy's still in the thick of potty training...hang it there...you're time will come soon as well. TRY, TRY, TRY not to be discouraged by all the seeminly 6 month olds that are potty trained (ok, maybe I'm exaggerating and they are 1.5-2.5, but it FEELS like they are infants). Will he have accidents....yes...can I handle that....I hope so....am I AMAZINGLY proud of him regardless....you better believe it!! Mr. Setharoo may give me gray hairs before I want them, and know how to humble me in no time flat, but I love him 'to the moon and back' regardless....so proud of you little man.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Our Princess

Wow...I just LOVE this little girl! She was VERY excited for the Daddy-Daughter dance this year. She went 2 years ago and loved it, then last year she was going to go but got sick, so when this year rolled around and I asked her....she was THRILLED!
She and Dan met up with another friend and their daughter and they danced the night away...or, the 2 hours that it lasted. :) It's fun to see this girlie side of my daughter. She even asked me to curl her hair. If you know her, you know this is HIGHLY unusual! This is the same girl who wants me to pick out her clothes every day for her, who doesn't care what I buy her to wear, or what I lay out for her to wear. To see her with her hair curled and showing us how her dress 'twirls' when she dances was adorable. :) I'm so glad you got to enjoy this special date with daddy!
Miss. Alayna, you are a beautiful princess, but you are also very smart! We had your parent teacher conferences earlier this week and we are soooo proud of you. You are an amazing reader (you were 4 or more levels ahead of the highest reader in your class so your teacher found 1 other kindergartener from the other classes that was close to your level to read with), though we are very proud of how you are doing academically, we are even more proud to hear from all the teachers that you are a great example for your classmates and that many of them look to you for leadership and listen to you. I did find it comical to hear that a little boy who sat next to you had a messy desk and you told him that it's not good to have a messy desk because then you can't find anything, so you taught him how to keep his desk clean...and he listened! Keep up the great work sweet girl! We love you more than words could ever say....

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Our own Jack-o-lantern

He had a SERIOUSLY loose tooth that fell out last week...that makes another hole in his mouth. Since taking this picture he lost ANOTHER tooth! He now has at least 3 gaps in his mouth. His new trick, drinking water without opening his mouth because the water just goes through the gaps. :)

The things kids say....

Yesterday Setharoo and I went to the grocery store to get a couple things. We got in the door and I got him in a cart and then one of the grocery guys came over to see if he'd like a sucker. He's a nice older gentleman that often times has a little treat in his pocket for kids. Anyway, Seth said "YES!" and gave him a big hug, and then because candy isn't a common thing in our home, Seth assumed he was getting the sucker as a reward and said, "I got my big poops out in the potty!" The gentlman looked at me and asked, "What did he say?" Ummmmmm....."that he uses the potty"...I just wasn't going to repeat it, but inside I was laughing!!