Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Back to School!

Josiah and Alayna started school on August 27...Seth had Kindergarten assessments and then started school on August 29th.  Hard to believe I have a 6th grader, 3rd grader and a KINDERGARTNER.  Wow!

 They all wanted similar shoes this year and Josiah really wanted shoes that matched Seth...funny kids!

 Their cousins live down the street from us so it's fun that they get to rid to school together!

 These 3 cousins are all in Middle School together.  Josiah and Emma are both 6th graders and they have a few classes together this year.
 Waiting...waiting...waiting for a bus that was 40 minutes late...we ended up driving them and they were 25 minutes late for their first day of school.  Crazy!!!
 August 29th...Seth started Kindergarten

His excitement for school made it a little easier for me to let go of my baby...but not much.  I cried when I left the school.  I sure am excited each day to pick him up though and he absolutely loves school, his teacher, making new friends and all the fun things he's already learning!!! 

A weekend with my side of the family

Once a year my family tries to gather either at my brother's lake cabin or my sister's...this year it was my at my sister's.  We are blessed that our kids have cousins/friends on both sides of the family so whenever we are with extended family they have a blast!!

 Seth and Maycee were off playing and having fun the ENTIRE weekend!!

 Alayna and Madalyn
 Soooooo much fishing took place that weekend!!  Josiah enjoyed every second of it and he caught A LOT of fish and at the end of the weekend we had a tasty fish fry.
 Seth caught a few also!!
 Alayna and Evan relaxing
 Hannah taking him for a 4-wheeler ride...if she would have been willing, he would have ridden on there the ENTIRE weekend!
 Paint ball was another great time...the guys played, the boys played and a few of the girls as well!
 Josiah and Cameron just hanging out
 Knee boarding...
Our VERY full boat!!!  What a special treat...Dave, Marlene and Grace all came for a visit on their way home from Cass lake.  It was great hanging out with them for the day and it was a wonderful relaxing afternoon.


I'm WAY behind in posting on the blog, so the next couple posts are 'highlights' to get me caught up again in the hopes that I'll be more consistent...don't hold your breath though! :)

 Women's night for our MC was a lot of fun!!
Dan had a conference to go to for a number of days and so I decided to take the kids to St. Cloud to see grandma and grandpa Kiedrowski, our friends the Larsen's, my sister and then we were off to the cities to see our dear friends the Stacey's and then we spend a day at the MN zoo!!  It was a fun packed few days, but it made the time with dad away go MUCH faster.  I enjoyed catching up with friends and the kids enjoyed playing so much that I didn't take any pics other than at the zoo.