Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fun Times in June!

I'm kind of failing at blog land lately. So, here are some fun pics of what we've been up to the last couple of weeks. We don't really do after school activities during the school year, so summer time is when they each can pick a few things to be a part of. Josiah chose basketball camp (apparently can't find a pic of that...oops!), science camp, and MAYBE flag football later on this summer. Alayna chose basketball camp and an art camp later this summer. They will all 3 be in swimming lessons this year starting early July, we shall see how that goes. Seth is a TOTAL fish, but I'm wondering how he will do with a lesson rather than just swimming for fun...we shall see. Maybe he will surprise me. :) This week the older 2 at in St. Cloud with many of their cousins for 'cousin camp' at grandma and grandpas. We've enjoyed helping Dan's dad some this week as well as hanging out and playing around with Setharoo...he sure is a fun/funny kid!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Child Like Faith

Seth: Mom I no want a bad guy to come eat you at night time
Me: I don't think a bad guy will come eat me
Seth: He might
Me: Let's pray and ask God to protect us
Seth: Ok! God, protect and no let a bad guy eat us at night - Amen

Simple as fear for him about it anymore. If only my own faith trusted HIM that fully all the time.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Alayna graduated from Kindergarten this year. Her program was ADORABLE! They sang, danced and played instruments. Then they were each handed their 'diploma'. Alayna, Dad and I are SO proud of you. You excelled in school not only in academics, but we were told many times that you were an excellent role model and leader for the kids in your class. Way to go sweetheart!

Alayna and Mrs. Gehrke...she was more than just a 'great' teacher...she was excellent!!

The Birthday Celebration

Though we celebrated ON his birthday, I obviously am blogging about it a bit late. Oops! He was looking forward to going out for pizza and playing at Thunder Road. He enjoyed multiple go-cart rides, bumper cars and playing some video games. Grandpa Holder even came along for the festivities (and b/c Josiah wanted to race him on the g0-carts!)

Sporting some birthday cake on his face as well as the 'crazy eyes' purchased with some of the ticket money. Silly kid!

Some Missed Moments

We 'rented' a dog from grandpa for a week and Seth enjoyed playing with Maggie, taking her for walks, feeding her and taking care of her in any way needed. Though owning out own dog is NOT in the near future...we may 'rent' Maggie again this summer. :)

Alayna had a mole on her back removed and she was a ROCKSTAR during the procedure. She didn't flinch, complain, cry, whine...she sat perfectly still watching me. Now she has a couple of stitches that will be removed mid-June.

We fished at a catch-and-release pond in town. The kids had a great time!