Tuesday, November 22, 2011

2 Plays = Lots of fun!

A couple weekends ago we loaded up and went to St. Cloud to visit family and to see the play "Pilgrim" -- a play based on the book "Pilgrims Progress". We've read the book "Dangerous Journey" many times to our kids and it's created great conversation each time. It's a kids version of "Pilgrims Progress". Before going to the play, we spend the week prior reading the book again. It's a pretty long book and normally we take a couple weeks to read through it. This time, Josiah and Alayna were soooo into to (and if I'm honest, so was their mom) that we read it in 3 days. Yep, it was an hour or so of reading the book each night! We read it all though and the kids were excited to go see the play.

Alayna and her cousin Hailey enjoying a cookie during intermission

Grandma and Seth cuddling during intermission

It was a lot of fun and though the play was nearly 3 hours long...they sat through it and enjoyed it! We drove back home that Saturday and on Sunday we had tickets to see "Cinderella" at the high school where Dan works. Unfortunately this negligent parent didn't take any pictures of that fun. Trust me though, it was a pretty good time and Alayna enjoyed going to a play as a family that was really just for her! :)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

I promise we don't feed our kids Miracle Grow!!

I've noticed for a number of weeks that Josiah's shoes were looking pretty tattered but I figured if he's not complaining he can wear them a bit longer (we don't buy new shoes to start the school year, we buy them when they are needed, so he's had these for a bit). Then amidst the tatteredness (I'm sure it's in the dictionary) they were looking as though his toes were pushing the front a bit. Again, I figured he's not saying anything so I let it go. Last Saturday when I was shopping with my mom I found shoes I liked and had a coupon so I figured I get him the next size up. I got them home and we put them on and they barely fit, his toes were at the end. Perplexed, we took him to the store on Sunday to have his foot measured and see what was going on. Ummm...he was wearing shoes that were nearly 2 sizes too small! Can you imagine wearing shoes 2 sizes too small???? Josiah, maybe next time you could let me know that your toes are curled up in your shoe! One more reason why they aren't knocking on my door with my Mother of the Year award!

Then today I brought Seth to the shoe store to have his feet measured because he's been wearing crocs all summer and still mostly this fall. The day is coming when it's just going to be too cold to wear those shoes. A few times he's worn his tennis shoes, but they were a bugger to get on. After having his foot measured I found out why...again, they were nearly 2 sizes too small!! What is wrong with me?!?!? Thankfully my little man hasn't worn his tennis shoes every day like his older brother, but seriously, I think I need to have my kids' feet measured more often. When my kids are older and have curled toes and they blame me....I won't be able to deny it! :)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


The other night before bed the kids wanted to listen to/sing a song together first. Oftentimes when we do this Dan will turn on one of their favorite worship songs on his phone and we'll all sing together. That night he couldn't get the song to work and so after trying for a bit we told them we'd have to try again another night because it was past time for bed. After they were all tucked in bed Dan and I came downstairs to work on a project together, about 10 minutes later we heard a little voice say, "Dad, I know your phone doesn't work, but your mouth does!" Meaning, even without the phone we could still sing songs together (which we do, but just didn't that night). Silly little man....you were right!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Celebrating Seth...and Halloween???

On Seth's birthday I was out of town (does that make me the world's worst mom???)  Anyway, a couple weeks ago Seth and I were at Walmart and we didn't have much time, but he saw the rides and asked if he could go on them.  I told him "not today, but maybe on your birthday we can come and ride some of the rides"..."ok!".  Two weeks later (last Thursday) I mentioned to Seth that his birthday was only a couple days away and his first response, "then I can go on the rides at Walmart!!!"  Ummm, yes, yes you can.  Soooo, needless to say that is what they did on Sunday.  Josiah wanted to give Seth some of the money he earned this summer to go on rides and to pick out a present.  He gave him 1/2 of all the money he had...they really do have a sweet relationship.  (Sorry for the fuzzy pics, I think Dan's camera on his phone must have been on a lower quality setting...oops!)  

When I got home on Sunday he opened his present from Grandma & Grandpa Hacker....
 And his present from my sister and her family.

Last night, (on Halloween) we went out to eat to Space Aliens (per his request) 
and used my Savecoin coupon

Then we came home.  Halloween is that holiday that we don't know how to 'celebrate/not celebrate'.  In years past we've gone to fall festivals, we've ignored the holiday and had family fun, we've had a pizza picnic and watched a movie while handing out candy to kiddos that come by...but this year Dan and I talked about it a couple weeks ago and decided we'd use trick or treating as a time to continue building relationships with our neighbors.  After deciding that, we then came across some articles saying the same thing.  Though we don't like what Halloween stands for, we do appreciate the opportunity to easily walk up to our neighbors door and be able to chat with them (without it being abnormal) and to be able to meet some of our neighbors that aren't outside their houses much.  So, we went up and down our street meeting and seeing our neighbors.  I don't know that it's something we'll do every year...who knows...Halloween is something that I wish didn't exist, but it does and so we tried to make is purposeful.  What do you do???

We didn't buy costumes, the kids just raided our dress up bin and this is what they each picked.  Josiah tried to talk Alayna into being something 'girlie', but she REALLY wanted to be batman. :)

When we got home, Seth opened his presents from us 
(in between the door bell ringing with trick or treaters)

Happy Birthday Seth!!

Seth turned 4 on Sunday (Oct. 30th).  4???  How is that possible??  Though strangers think you should be much older (some have even guessed that you were 6, 7, or even 8 due to your size), your mom can't believe when I look at the pictures below that 4 years have already passed.  You were the sweetest, easiest baby...the most challenging toddler who humbled me multiple times a day...and now you are a friendly, always smiling, energetic, curious, hugging, sweet, loving little boy.  Little boy??  How did we move out of the toddler phase to 'little boy'?  Seth, though by the grace of God your dad and I have taught you many things in your 4 years of life, the reality is, God used you to teach us many things as well.  I am forever thankful that God surprised us with you!  I love you "Setharoo", "Super Seth"...and whether you like it or not, you are forever my "Baby Seth".  

A look back...it's good to remember that at one time, you really were small. :)