Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hard Workers!

Our lawn was aerated yesterday which means we had tons of mud chunks all over our yard. Though I know you can leave them there, I've learned we either pick them up out of the yard OR I'm cleaning mud off of shoes and off my kitchen floor!! After school the kids and I got to work raking them up.

ok, so maybe he wasn't the hardest worker to his defense, he DID help me for a few minutes that morning when I raked a few piles. :)

Work = Fun! The boys were trying out other ways of hauling the mud chunk piles.
They determined the shovel still worked the best. They were ALL very helpful in getting the backyard picked up with little to no complaining (I hate to admit I was surprised by that, but I was)!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Our Warrior

After playing in the basement, Seth came upstairs and said..."I'm David and I'm fighting the Philistines!"
Don't worry, this mom was not hit between the eyes in the taking of this picture!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What's wrong with me???

Why have I been such a bad blogger??? I've totally fallen off the wagon and now I feel soooo far behind on what's happened in our lives that I haven't even wanted to write another post. BUT, today is a new day and I'm going to (try!!!) to blog more regularly again.


- He's a rockstar 3rd grader. He's been in the advanced classes for every subject and so far he's loving school.

- This summer he will enjoy a week of Science camp and he couldn't be more thrilled to "take things apart, create inventions, experiment with chemistry, decipher secret codes, and investigate the world of animal inventions".

- We've worked through books/movies some of his friends read/watch that we won't allow him to and he's handled it great. We've showed him info. about the books/movies that explain in detail about them and have asked him if he thinks it would be good for him to read/watch. Though it hasn't been easy for him every time, he's handled it well and come to the conclusion often times on his own that it wouldn't be good for him. It's been 'fun' to work through life decisions with him.

- He has a corny sense of humor (which I'm certain comes from his dad and grandpa Holder!)

- One difficulty right now is his incessant need to be 'in the know' of whatever Dan and I are talking about...and the reality is...HE DOESN'T ALWAYS NEED TO KNOW! :)


- She has loved kindergarten. I'm not going to lie...we've had great teachers with both Josiah and Alayna so far, but this year...her teacher is exceptional!

- It's been fun to see and hear about her leadership at school (after all she is a middle child and oftentimes they shy away from that). One funny example is that she was sitting by a boy who had a messy desk and he noticed her's was always clean, so she taught him how to keep his clean (a girl after my own heart!)

- She's the top reader in her class and there's only 1 other kindergartener that is even at the same level as her...I LOVE that she loves to read!!

- She has a loose tooth that she is desperate to have fall out...another gap face is soon to be a part of this family.

- Her imagination play with Seth is really fun to listen to...when they are getting along (they are siblings of friends...except when they aren't!)

- She could still care less about clothes, dresses, shoes, her hair, etc...that is A OK by me! She prefers if I lay out her clothes because she could care less.

- I'm looking forward to summer when she can enjoys naps a couple times a zaps her energy and though she's a pretty 'even keel' little girl, I see her emotions at work when she gets too tired...maybe she can sleep through the teen years?? :)


- Well, he's still Seth.

- Mr. Personality...makes friends with complete strangers in every check-out line, meets anyone who walks past our house and would love if everyone was as excited about hugs and wrestling as he is. His lack of fear with strangers is a blessing in many ways, but it gives me the creeps!! Stranger Danger!!

- He has zero personal space and has no idea why anyone else does.

- He STILL plays with my hair anytime he sits with me or near me...if you have hair, I can guarantee he will reach up and play with your hair too...he doesn't even know he's doing it!

- He's a big time cuddler!!

- He can make me laugh and pull my hair out within the spance of a minute.

- After talking with or hanging out with someone, (whether he really knows them or not) when we walk away he always says, "I like her" or "I like him". Friendly doesn't begin to describe him!

- I love that boy, but I'm certain the gray hairs I have found on my head are the result of him. :)

And because my husband has found this video on his phone again and loves to relive it...I figured I'd let you guys go back in time too...enjoy! if only I could get back into blogging more regularly so that I can keep track of the day to day moments...

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Turning a Corner

I feel like we have really turned a corner over the past month. What corner am I talking about? Well, if you've been reading my blog for a while or know me at all, you realize that Mr. Seth hasn't always been the easiest child. He has always been a happy, cuddly child, but easy...well, I wouldn't use that word. :)

Some of the areas where I've noticed a HUGE improvement:

- of course, having him potty trained a couple months ago was, well, AMAZING!

- he has really learned how to play with his friends as well as his brother and sister

(if you've read any of my post from 6 months or a year ago, you realize what a big...HUGE deal this is!)

- he uses his words much more than his actions when he's frustrated

- he LOVES to be helpful in any way possible

He is a much more fun, happy and enjoyable kid to be I love that little guy! Many prayers have been said, my patience has been tested beyond what I thought possible and now we are at a new stage and I'm LOVING it!