Monday, January 24, 2011

Birthday Celebration!

In just a few days my pretty little girl will turn 6! This past weekend we got away to the cities to enjoy some family time and celebrate Alayna's birthday. Instead of a crazy friend party at our house she opted for a hotel stay and a visit to the American Girl store in the cities. We were able to get a free hotel stay and then with gift money she got for her birthday she enjoyed picking out a couple things. Our gift to her was a dessert date (eating a meal was too spendy and isn't dessert the best part anyway?!?) for just the girls at the American Girl Cafe. She had a BLAST and it was just what she wanted. She's not a super girlie girl, but she loved her special day!

Here are a few pics from the special celebration...

The girls were up early Saturday morning wanting to go...the mall didn't even open until 10am so they decided a fashion show for their dolls would be the best way to pass the time. :)

In the van and ready to go!!

After spending her birthday money we were ready for dessert!

2 pretty girls enjoying their girlie time!

Hailey and her doll Ruthie

Alayna and Kit

They each chose the 3 mini ice cream cone dessert with sprinkles. Alayna got a birthday candle in hers and then the staff came to sing Happy Birthday.

The dolls got their own tea cups with pink lemonade in them as well as whip cream with sprinkles dessert...the girls enjoyed the dolls food and thought it was hilarious to be eating it for them.

After dessert we enjoyed a couple rides and were ready for the next part of our weekend adventure! Friends, family and swimming!!

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