Thursday, February 2, 2012

Time to Party!

Alayna was REALLY excited for her birthday weekend.  Friday the 27th was her actual birthday so she got to celebrate at school with treats and special things, when she got home from school she got to open presents from mom and dad, then Friday night she had a date with grandma and grandpa Holder, Saturday she had her friend birthday party, and Sunday she had another friend birthday party for another girl in her class.  It was a PaRTy WeEkENd!!!

 for her friend party we went to Clay Your Way and did a 'Critter Stuffing' party -- they got to pick out whatever animal they wanted to make.  All the girls chose puppies and Seth 
(who was over the moon thrilled to be included...Josiah was at a fishing seminar 
with grandpa Holder) chose a frog who he later named 'Goith'.

 here they are stuffing their 'critters'
 Alayna and Alexi
 Alayna and Felicity
 Alayna and Abby
 Alayna and Kallie
The crew all lined up with a 'little rascal' looking super excited to be at the party!

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