Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Happy 10th Birthday!!

We've hit double digits!!  How is that possible??  It was 10 years ago that I held this
little baby boy in my arms for the first time.  
How is it possible he went from that tiny baby to this handsome 10 year old??  

He is growing up to be an amazing young man.  Though he's not perfect he has a great heart.  He is an AMAZING big brother and both of his siblings adore him and think he is the coolest.  He is helpful, obedient and most importantly he has a strong desire to learn more about the Lord and he's cautious about what he fills his mind with because of that.

This past year he was a reading Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn  (he read A LOT of classic books this year out of his own desire) and Dan mentioned that he remembered someone saying there might be swear words in the book.  We told him he could read it and if he found that to be true he could decide what he thought would be best (letting out the 'rope' of parenthood is NOT easy) and the next day he went to school, returned it, and picked out a different book.  We asked him that night if he found words that weren't appropriate and he said "No".  So we asked why he decided to switch and he told us he didn't want to read anything that wouldn't be good for him.

Today as I reflect on my first pregnancy and my first baby I remember singing this song over and over to the baby inside my ever-growing belly.  Praying and praying that the child inside of me would grow and truly desire to hold on to Jesus and cling to his love.

We love you Josiah Daniel, more than words could ever and dad aren't perfect and we will make mistakes (guaranteed), cling to Jesus sweet boy, He will never fail you!!

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#1 Nana said...

What a beautiful song! I want to share it with my granddaughter, Heaven, who is expecting her baby this week. Heaven is Hannah's step daughter.