Friday, June 1, 2012

A weekend away!

We went to the cities last weekend to celebrate Josiah's birthday and to see one of my best friends ONE LAST TIME before she moved to Indiana.  While we were there we took in a Twins game, the MOA, swimming at the hotel and hanging out with other close family friends ( pics were taken, we were too busy chatting!).  It was a full weekend, but it was a lot of fun!!!

The kids had a blast on all the rides and Josiah didn't miss out on any of the BIG rides, he has no fear!  The faster, higher, bigger...the better!

Seth finally found a LITTLE bit of fear.  
He enjoyed PLENTY of rides but he was fine not riding on the big ones with Josiah.

She is not a fan of the big or fast rides...though she did go on a few that made her a bit nervous (positive peer pressure from her cousins got her through!)

Yes, Josiah (and 2 of his cousins) went on the biggest/highest ride there 
(my body doesn't do those rides anymore!)

All the kids went on this ride! 
 Alayna was nervous but had fun!  
Seth decided the darkness + the fast falls was a bit much for him.  
He did great on the ride but didn't want to go again. :)

This was the ride he REALLY wanted to go on and it didn't disappoint...he had a BLAST!

The Holder cousins

 Josiah and I took in a Twins game to celebrate his birthday 
AND to have one last day of fun with Siobhan before she moved away.

 Though there were rain delays and it was a bit chilly...we still had lots of fun.

 You HAVE to have a glove picture, don't you??

Josiah has this card at home and so he really wanted a picture by the blown up version.

All in all it was a wonderful weekend filled with family, friends and lots of fun!!

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