Wednesday, August 8, 2012

June & July

Here's a look at June...we enjoyed time at the lake, the kids had 'Grandma Camp' in St. Cloud,  our Foster Daughter moved into our home, Josiah & Alayna each had basketball camp, Josiah went to Mind Storm Lego Camp, we did our landscaping, Seth learned to ride a bike, and too many other smaller things to list, but here is a small peak at our life in June!

Here's a look at July...swimming lessons for all 4 kids (the 3 older ones passed, but Seth needs to work on his arm strokes), Josiah had football camp, we finished our landscaping, took a trip to St. Cloud, went to the lake a couple times, had family over, Alayna got horribly sick...lots of things...but here are a few pictures to capture the month of July!

Though I realize I just tried to capture 2 months (that involved lots of adjustments, changes, fun, sickness, family, friends, camps, etc.) in 1 short post...I had to do something so I could start blogging about our current life and not get bogged down with reliving the past couple months.  Maybe I will be more consistent again...but don't hold your breath waiting! :)

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