Monday, November 18, 2013

Update Reel #2....October

October was a little busier though I can't share with you all the pictures that I have from this month.  After being on hold for taking a foster care placement over the summer, we received a call for a 10 month old little girl.  She had such a sweet spirit and was truly a joy to love even though it was only for a week.  The day she left our home, for a few hours I had all 'my kids' under one roof...Josiah, Alayna, Seth, our first placement from last year (she was over for a visit) as well as our sweet 10 month old.  My hurt was feeling very full and wonderful having them all in our home!!

We also went to the wedding of a life long friend of mine.  Her and her twin sister are 6 days younger than me and we were neighbors until we graduated from high school.  We have A LOT of memories together and so I couldn't miss celebrating this special day with her!!
 It was a mini 15 year high school reunion and it was fun catching up with classmates!
  This in many ways sums up our whacky friendship. :)
 We also attempted to take our own family pictures...I'm not going to lie, they weren't amazing.  The rainy, overcast, cold weather definitely did not help!!  We did however get a few fun shots.  I love this pic of Seth!
 Here's a fun family pic under the Fargo sign.
 We went into our church to warm up and snap a few pics by the windows.
 I love these kids!!!
 He has such a great natural took a while to get to the 'natural' part though!

On October 22nd I got a call about a newborn baby boy.  He had been born on the 21st and they needed someone to come pick him up from the hospital.  After getting the call, only about an hour or so later I was driving to the hospital to pick up our most recent/current placement.  Today he is 4 weeks old and as precious as can be!!  Seriously, who doesn't love sweet baby toes!!  I attempted taking a number of newborn pictures with a nice camera I borrowed from a friend.  I wanted to have them for myself, but I also wanted his parents to have them so when he had his first visit I was able to give them lots of pictures that I had taken and had printed for them.  No matter what happens or how this story ends...I choose to believe his parents love them, they are just truly unable to care for themselves right now or him and so having pictures will hopefully help...


Jason and Michelle said...

I take pictures of my foster kids just for the parents so they are able to see their kids. I love when the parents get things together and the kids get to be reunited. we've done foster parenting for 2 years. I have only had one that I was not comfortable with them going back.

Heather said...

You have such a big heart Michelle! Love the little feet! Love you too! : )