Saturday, March 8, 2014

Weekend With Friends

Dear friends are on a trip to Germany, while they are gone we are hanging with their kiddos (let's be honest, our kids are hanging out with them)!

Reading together in bed before it was time to sleep
Many lego cars have been made and after completion they bring them to the kitchen to test out how fast the motors can make them actually go
 The girls continued working on the 'fort'/hole in the snow in the front yard
These 2 have been 'friends' since Josiah was born (he's about 6 months younger).  We somewhat forced their friendship when they were young and yet as the years have gone by, they have continued building on that friendship and even though miles separate them, they still look forward to hanging out together. Someday I'll have to put a collage together of these 2 over the years (his mom and I would probably cry).
Isaac is older, but Josiah is taller, so here's Isaac trying to shrink Josiah for the picture. :)

 They compromised and chose to kneel instead. :)

We took the kids sledding and they all had a great time.  The weather was perfect and the hill was FAST!  It was fun to take lots of shots of them going down the hill.

Here's a couple videos from the sledding fun!


Heather said...

Oh LOVE LOVE this! Thankful for WiFI in Germany to see all the fun being had! Grateful for you Holders in so many ways!!

RETA said...

That is wonderful! You've made it so much fun - then shared it all with us. Thanks!