Tuesday, November 16, 2010


So, potty training is a S__L__O__W__ going process right now. It seems no matter what I do, he does great when he has nothing on his bottom, but the moment he has on underwear or a pull-up he forgets. The reality is, I can't take a naked boy out and about...I think people would question that!!

I have tried treat rewards, we have a special cheer, larger incentives, reading while he goes, etc...he doesn't seem to forget in order to defy me...he just doesn't seem to get it yet. He goes when I ask him to go, but he doesn't always hold it in between those times, so even if I have him go every 1/2 hour, sometimes he will go a little bit in between. Plus, I prefer for HIM to be potty trained, not ME to have to tell him to go all the time.

If anyone has any great tips or suggestions...I'd love to hear them. I have successfully potty trained 2 kids, but this 3rd one has made me consider allowing him to graduate from high school still wearing pull-ups...I figure at least by then he will be changing them on his own!!!

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