Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Holder Boot Camp

When it comes to parenting I often times feel like discipline and correction ebbs and flows. There are times when after correction and discipline occur for a heart/behavior issue multiple times you can let the 'string' go out a little bit. Then when another heart/behavior issue creeps in that isn't positive or God honoring that 'string' comes in real close again until you see a change in their heart and a desire to be obedient.

Right now if you are 3 and live in this house...your 'string' is real close to your mom and dad. :) For a few weeks we were able to see his ability to be obedient and a heart change. Was he perfect...no...are you? Did he DESIRE to obey...yes...did he choose to obey more often than not...yes. I now can see that his heart is defiant and testing. Ugh! It's in these days that I have to remember the end goal. Is my goal to have him 'behave' a certain way? Not exactly...the end goal is for his actions and behaviors to be the overflow of his heart.

"...out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks." Luke 6:45

We recently wrote specific prayers for each of our kids individually...2 parts of our prayer for him are: "thank you for his excitement for life, may he learn to use his excitement and energy for Your glory" -- "please use his passions for engaging people for Your glory" (if you've ever met him, you know he is a people person)

You may have an amazingly sweet face, but I desire even more for you to have an amazing heart. I love you!!!


Tengesdal 4 said...

Oh Michelle, the part of the prayer you shared brought tears to my eyes. What a beautiful prayer you have for your son!
Thank you for sharing this!

Heather said...

parenting is not for the fainthearted - you and Dan continue to press forward and learn and you are amazing parents! You keep striving even through tough stages. You WILL see maturity in Seth's life...love your prayer for him.
On a similar note, I just told Shane last night I want to find that book we did in our young couples study SO long ago : ) - Families where grace is in place (or something like that)...I think I need a refresher and our kids are at completely different stages now - not to mention there are more of them. : )
Have a great day friend!