Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas at Home

We spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at our house with just our family. We enjoyed the Christmas Eve service at our church, then had caramel corn in the van and toured the town looking for pretty Christmas lights. Once we got home we read the Christmas story before going to sleep. The kids woke up in the morning and we came downstairs to open stockings and gifts. After opening gifts we enjoyed caramel rolls and playing with all the new games and building sets (seemed to be a theme this year as I noticed we had few games geared to Josiah's age...and very few even for Alayna).

Her AG set she wanted.

Stocking fun...I found foam swords at the dollar store and so each kid got one and thought they were fun (and pain free) to play with.

We made quite a mess...

We don't dress up for Halloween, but the kids dress up most other days of the year, so I was excited to find costumes for less than $2 after Halloween this year...instead of Alayna wearing our Spiderman or Superman costume, she can now be Spider GIRL! :)

He has no idea what Transformers are, but he didn't care...he wore this get up ALL DAY!

Time to build the k'nex roller-coaster...

It's just not complete without a silly face pic! :)

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