Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Are you getting married?

Last night Dan and I were dancing in the kitchen and Seth said, "are you getting married?" He has a friend who's mom is getting married soon and so 'weddings' are common talk amongst 3 year olds right now. :) Anyway, we were talking about our wedding with all 3 kids last night and then decided to get out the old-school home video and watch it. Seth was bored after a bit, but the older 2 enjoyed watching it and it was fun for Dan and I to see and hear our vows to each other. I loved Dan then, but nearly 10 years and 3 kids later, I realize how much our love for each other has grown...I can't even imagine year 20....50....70+??


jack69 said...

Ahhhhhh, yes. Life just gets better all the time when you are truly in love. I enjoy reading someone who is in love.

We married at 17, that was 54+ years ago and still more in love every day, and it doesn't seem possible.

Just ran across the blog while surfing. Read the previous one and the little, VERY IMPORTANT LINE:
Seth is potty trained!!!!


Love the blog take care and always stay in love!

If you would like and have a Kindle you can down load a funny serious book from amazon: 'Why not Forever', I tried to make it free but the lowest price they would allow was 99 cents. Not hawking the book. just letting you know it is available.

Anyway it is the love that counts,
God bless you two and the family.
jack & Sherry


lucky you are to have such family =)
stay as you are and most...a loving wife and great mom