Thursday, March 24, 2011


Good friends of ours got married March 12th. It was great celebrating with them (minus the bum snow storm that decided to come that weekend)! We were priveleged to be able to lead them through pre-marital counseling and then Dan 'officiated' the ceremony. I realize many of you know that Dan is a principal, so I will explain that this is an official wedding, no Dan is NOT a pastor, but through our church he was able to officiate the wedding and it IS legit. :) Anyway, the ceremony was wonderful, the bride was stunning and God was glorified.

The bride and groom along with my hubby (yes, his microphone may remind you a bit of a Garth Brooks concert, but I assure you he did NOT bust out in "I Got Friends In Low Places" or anything crazy like that)

The 3 of us meet and hold each other accountible...our first pic together. :)

We needed a pic together because after having kids we realize how few pics we have of the 2 of us together.

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