Monday, March 7, 2011

Girl Time

Once in a while it's fun to get away and not hear the word "MOM" every other minute of the day. Don't miss the fact that I said..."once in a while"...!! This year we decided to THOROUGHLY surprise a dear friend, Angie, who was turning 30. Robyn and I took her out for lunch, I gave her a birthday card at the end of our meal (while unbeknownst to Angie, Siobhan was on speaker phone so she could hear the reaction)...she opened the card...and in it was a certificate for a Girls Weekend Away -- to Breezy Point -- leaving -- NOW!!!

Her reaction was priceless. She had a bad week and so after reading what we were doing she couldn't stop crying. She couldn't believe it was happening and was thrilled...although she couldn't stop crying so it was a little hard to believe. :) We went to my house, loaded up my stuff and away we went on a fun-filled girls weekend away!!

Here are some fun shots from the relaxing weekend...
Thanks ladies for another fun weekend!

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