Monday, August 29, 2011

First day of school

Last Thursday was the start of another school year. The kids were really excited! School supplies were bought and back packs were packed. Monday - Wednesday of that week Alayna was home with a UTI...high fever and miserable. I thought for sure she was going to miss the first couple days of school, but she perked up, and since she wasn't contagious and didn't want to miss it, we let her go. She was thrilled! :)

Josiah started 4th grade, Alayna is in 1st grade and Dan is in his 2nd year as a principal at WFHS.

Setharoo was a little bummed to not be going to school, so we started having school at home. We spend time each day working through preschool activities and I have to admit I'm a bit surprised at how much he enjoys it and his patience to work at it.

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