Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I signed Seth up for story time at the library. It's every Wednesday. I figured it was a great opportunity for him to feel like he has 'school' like the big kids, and for me to see how he will do next year in preschool and to see what areas we still need to work on.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't at all nervous when we went today. However, he walked in holding my hand, waited in line to get his name tag, found a seat on the floor in the front row while I found a seat in the back 'mom area'. He sat soooo well, raised his hand when he wanted to talk, and didn't reach out to play with the hair of the girl sitting next to him (kind of amazing b/c hair is his Kryptonite...he LOVES to run his fingers through hair). Story time is about 30-40 minutes. The librarian reads 3 books and has some songs or poems mixed in between. It's kind of a long time to sit, but he loves reading books and so he had a great time! Now we'll see how the rest of the weeks go...

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