Monday, September 26, 2011

Life-long friends

We always look forward to having these good friends come and stay with us. The family walks in the door and all of the sudden the kids disappear to talk, catch up and play, play, play! Though they don't see each other all the time, they pick up right where they left off and have a blast.

The same can be said for the parents. It is sooo refreshing to have our long conversations filled with heart provoking conversations mixed in of course with lots of fun and laughter. We can't wait for their next reservation at the Holder Hotel (thankfully it's already on the books, so we have something to look forward to)!


Heather said...

just saw this my heart a great feeling to see those smiles together. Hurray for Holder Hotel - we love it there!! AND that means Josiah can guarantee a pancake morning in a few weeks too. glad to accommodate. : ) have a great week Michelle!

tasya said...

like ur posting