Thursday, November 10, 2011

I promise we don't feed our kids Miracle Grow!!

I've noticed for a number of weeks that Josiah's shoes were looking pretty tattered but I figured if he's not complaining he can wear them a bit longer (we don't buy new shoes to start the school year, we buy them when they are needed, so he's had these for a bit). Then amidst the tatteredness (I'm sure it's in the dictionary) they were looking as though his toes were pushing the front a bit. Again, I figured he's not saying anything so I let it go. Last Saturday when I was shopping with my mom I found shoes I liked and had a coupon so I figured I get him the next size up. I got them home and we put them on and they barely fit, his toes were at the end. Perplexed, we took him to the store on Sunday to have his foot measured and see what was going on. Ummm...he was wearing shoes that were nearly 2 sizes too small! Can you imagine wearing shoes 2 sizes too small???? Josiah, maybe next time you could let me know that your toes are curled up in your shoe! One more reason why they aren't knocking on my door with my Mother of the Year award!

Then today I brought Seth to the shoe store to have his feet measured because he's been wearing crocs all summer and still mostly this fall. The day is coming when it's just going to be too cold to wear those shoes. A few times he's worn his tennis shoes, but they were a bugger to get on. After having his foot measured I found out why...again, they were nearly 2 sizes too small!! What is wrong with me?!?!? Thankfully my little man hasn't worn his tennis shoes every day like his older brother, but seriously, I think I need to have my kids' feet measured more often. When my kids are older and have curled toes and they blame me....I won't be able to deny it! :)

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Tengesdal 4 said...

Jon & I were just talking about how it seems that every time we get our kids shoes- they are a couple sizes behind... hmmmm.... one day they all will tell their kids "I always thought shoes HAD TO be tight!" :)