Friday, January 13, 2012

Our Last Celebration

We spent our last Christmas out in Kindred.  The kids had a lot of fun sledding (for the first time this year...though there wasn't much snow, it was JUST enough...and then it melted a day or two later), playing with the dogs, playing games, watching movies on their gigantic screen and challenging each other on the Kinect.  We have a continued game of Nerts that happens every year (multiple player solitaire) and this year was no exception!  

Our first...and at this point it seems 'only' snowman of the year!

They are now well as cousins!!

Seth is an animal lover.  Jack and Maggie get PLENTY of love when Seth is around!

A little dance competition on the Kinect

Grandpa being a good sport...he later had 4 of this fluffy bracelets in purple and pink as well.  They were given to him by his granddaughters to wear while they opened up their presents. :)

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