Monday, April 23, 2012


My littlest man has become quite the helper, especially when it comes to laundry.  We have this 'secret' laundry shoot in the kids' bathroom.  He gathers all the laundry baskets and throws the laundry down to me.  Then he comes downstairs, helps me put the laundry in the washer, he oftentimes will find me as I'm putting it in the dryer and help out and then I fold it (though he does like to help with small towels and wash clothes).  When it comes time to put it away though, he can put ALL his laundry away...even hanging up his shirts.  This is pretty huge!  It's amazing, having kids that can ALL put their laundry away really lightens the burden of doing laundry (if you can't tell, my LEAST favorite part BY FAR is putting it all away).  

Way to go little man, keep up the good work!!

the 'secret' cupboard

getting the job done

"Hey mom, I didn't know you were there!" :)

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