Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Preschool?! Really?!

Today my baby went to school for the first time.  He has been a bit nervous about going.  Anytime we talk about it he changes the subject.  This morning we talked about how at supper time he will oftentimes tell me when I make something new that he doesn't like it...though he hasn't even tried it.  I asked him, "What happens though once you try it??"  His response, "I usually like it".  Yep, so the same applied with preschool.  I told him to try it and if he really didn't like it, we'd talk about it afterward.  Partly because I'm not opposed to homeschooling and partly because I had a pretty good feeling that he'd really like it.  

When I went to pick him up after school he was grinning from ear to ear.  One perk of having preschool at the high school is that we get to see daddy more often and today we even got to have lunch with him!!  He had a lot of fun and is already looking forward to tomorrow.  It's official...my baby is growing up...tear...tear...

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