Monday, April 22, 2013

House Projects

We've been working on a few house projects lately.  I found some easy (ok, easier) to install back splash at Sam's Club (of all places) and I like how it turned out.  It took more time that we initially thought it would, but in reality, that's how almost all house projects go so we weren't surprised. :)

 He's super handy to have around!!!

Next up, a bathroom in the basement.  We've wanted to do this for a long time and this year we decided it was time.  Our basement is used regularly by our kids, neighbor kids, Missional Community kids/friends and when our parents stay they usually sleep in the bed downstairs.  Not having a bathroom down there is doable, but we wanted to make our home a bit more pleasant for guests to hang out and to stay over.  The Holder Hotel will be open for business soon, so plan ahead and make your reservations!! :)

We still need to tape and texture, paint, lay down the flooring, install the plumbing and electrical and then we will be open for business!!

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Pooja Taneja said...

Home is indeed the most imp place on earth. i like the post. Great work .