Monday, July 15, 2013

Finishing off the month of June

On Father's Day we enjoyed watching the Red Hawks.  We were given free tickets in box seats so we couldn't pass up that deal!

Free day at the zoo and since we haven't gotten a zoo membership yet this year it was actually our first time going.  We are normally regular's at the zoo.  It might not be a huge zoo, but sometimes it's nice just to enjoy a change of scenery.  The kids had fun and so did we!

While the kids were at Grandma Camp (pics to follow), Dan and I enjoyed a few days at the lake relaxing and seeing beautiful sunsets like this.  I love quality time together and relaxing by the lake was an added bonus!

Though we weren't at Grandma Camp we did go for the final VBS performance.  All 3 kids were at Grandma Camp this year (grades K-6 get to go).  It was fun to watch their program and after 5 days away from us I was more than ready to see them and hug them!!

June was a fun month filled with various sport camps, family fun weekends, time at the lake and Grandma Camp...July has so far been equally as exciting...more to come about that in the next post!

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