Monday, July 22, 2013

More Fun At The Lake!

We've enjoyed some quality family time at Eagle Lake this summer.  We opted out of planning a family vacation and instead tried to find as much time as possible that we could enjoy helping at the lake and playing at the lake.  Dan has been working in education for 11 years and this is really the first summer that we were able to enjoy some substantial time off.  When he was a teacher we always supplemented his income in the summers with one of us working and his first couple years as a principal didn't offer a lot of days off due to transitions at work.  This summer though...we have truly enjoyed time together, relaxation and refreshment as a family.  

Now that Dan's brother and his family live just down the street the cousins enjoy lots of time together and that doesn't change when we're at the lake.  They are almost inseparable at times and I love it!!  

Some jet ski fun as they rode together around the lake!

Taking out the paddle boat, you could hear the boys saying "row...row...row..." the entire time they were in the boat!!

Playing games in the camper

He loved this shallow sand bar area.  Our fearless little man is actually a little nervous in the deeper water that a 'pokey fish' is going to get him!

He beat me in the fish catching department...his fish is a 'little' bigger than mine. :)

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