Friday, May 22, 2009

Fun with Friends

I have really been slacking with the blog world lately, no real excuse except to say we've had a lot going on and so I had to cut some things in order to make time for the important things (people!)...but here is my attempt at making up for it...last weekend we were in St. Cloud and met up with some friends while we were there. We had a great are some pics and videos for you to enjoy!

Seth getting ready to ride the zip line with daddy....don't worry...he was harnessed in really well!!
After riding with daddy...I think daddy was more nervous then Seth!
Josiah's ride on the zip line.....

Seth's ride on the zip line....with daddy of course!

While the boys were having their fun...this is what the girls were doing (here is only 2 of the many girls Alayna got to play with...having only brothers, this was a special treat for her!)...all together we had 4 families hanging out with a total of ...15 kids...3 families with 3 kids each and 1 family with 6 kids. Even amidst all the activity, great conversations were had, memories were made and the kids had a blast!


Shannon Joy said...

Looks like a lot of fun Michelle! And I love your new blog header! Very cute!

Heather said...

Oh those girls in pink were so precious! I will have to remember to get mine off my camera. Looking forward to hanging out again tomorrow!! May has been Holder month! : )

Lindsay said...

That zip line looks like SO much fun! And the girls are just girly!