Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Weekend To Celebrate!

This adorable little bundle.....
Is now this big 7 year old....We had a great weekend filled with family, friends and more friends! To celebrate Josiah's 7th birthday we headed east...first to St. Cloud to stay at Grandma and Grandpa Far Away's (that is their name given to them by Josiah when he was little and it just stuck) house. We opened presents, had cake and celebrated Josiah's life.

Saturday morning we got up and met some great family friends (the Stacey's) at the MN Zoo, after visiting the animals (or the kids' relatives as we always joke with them about) we headed to an indoor waterpark in the cities where any energy that the kids had left was taken out of them.

**on a side note...I wanted to take pictures while we were at the waterpark...however, as we were standing in the pool, I mentioned to Dan that he should go get the camera from his backpack....he gave me a blank look...reached down to the pocket in his swimsuit and pulled out the dripping camera case...needless to say, no pics were taken at the water park. Yesterday I went and replaced that camera and so we're back in business snapping pictures again! :)

To continue this fun-filled day we headed back to their (the Stacey's) new home in the cities and enjoyed pizza and cake to celebrate Josiah's 7th birthday! The boys enjoyed 'camping' in a tent in the basement that night while the girls had their own sleepover in a comfy cozy bed. While the kids slept the adults stayed up way too late (considering the fact that all kids would still wake up early!) enjoying great conversation.

Sunday we worshipped together at their church and then made the trek back home (with VERY sleepy kids...made for a quiet ride!)

He really loved being in their with the goats...so did Alayna, which is crazy considering the fact that a couple weeks ago she wouldn't pet even a dog, now she wants to pet any dog or animal we see....not sure what clicked in her head, but she is now an animal lover!
I love Gavin's face in this pic...he's a tough guy!

All lined up to watch the dolphins swim

Best buds...apparantly 'forced' friendships do work. We decided when the boys were babies that they needed to be friends because we were all friends...7 years later and a move to another city they still good friends...writing to each other the old fashioned way. Pretty cute!
On Monday, in typical Memorial Day fashion we had friends over to hang out and we enjoyed the typical meal of grilled hotdogs hamburgers, corn on the cob, potatoes, watermelon, chips, strawberries and of course ice cream dessert! Very American....and yummy! :)

These are their silly faces...apparantly Alayna didn't get the memo!
(with our new camera I must not have had the red eye removal button on...still trying to figure it out...sorry!)


Bonnie said...

Did you get a trampoline?! Or is that the neighbors tramp?

Heather said...

Was a BLAST getting to celebrate with you - thanks Josiah and Isaac for keeping us all together! : ) I have some pics I took off my camera that I'll e-mail to you. Glad you made it home safely and peacefully. : )

Lindsay said...

Man - you sure did have a PACKED weekend - I'm so very impressed you wanted to hang with US after all the fun you had in MPLS! Thanks again - we had a great time, as usual.

And btw....I think A. would like our dog.....except when she barks. Lucy will probably scar her for life with her barking.