Monday, November 16, 2009

Commandment 6

Last week our Family Time was divided a bit. It was Veterans Day and so there was no school and so Dan and Josiah were both home all day and Alayna didn't have preschool. As a family we did a couple appts. and errands together and just enjoyed our time all together. Then when the youngest 2 were napping Josiah and I went on a movie date (after he got his free movie pass he was very excited to use it) and saw "Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs" -- cute!
When we got home we played and hung out as a family went to the park and then later that night we had lost track of time playing together that we forgot about our Family Time devotions. The kids were getting ready for bed and we told them we would do a full activity and everything the next night b/c mom and dad forgot that night (change the routine by having everyone home and we get all mixed up) unless they just wanted to talk about Commandment 6 and not have an activity. They voted just to sit and talk about it.
So we did...we talked about how "thou shalt not kill" doesn't just mean actually physically killing can also mean hatred toward another person, or wanting something bad to happen to another person. They have each had moments when another kid hasn't played nice with them or has hurt them and so we talked about how that makes them feel after that happens. We talked about (in kid terms) if that hurt turns to anger that anger can turn to bitterness and that bitterness can turn your heart to wanting to seek out revenge and wanting to do something mean back. They definitely understood and we talked about how many people think that as long as they haven't killed anyone they have followed Commandment 6, but in reality, it's a much higher calling that God has for us then that. It was a fun conversation before bed, when the night was coming to an end, and they were talkative and engaged (so that they could stay up longer) and overall it was a great conversation...I guess we don't ALWAYS have to have an activity with our topics. :)

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