Monday, November 23, 2009

He's baaaaaaaack!

I haven't posted many stories about our 'little rascal'...he's still 'in business', but he has slowed down a bit.
A couple weeks ago....
Dan and I were talking in the kitchen enjoying a great conversation...all the kids were upstairs playing and it was probably a bit too quiet as I think about it now. Josiah and Alayna were doing their own thing and that's when this story goes down hill. Seth came downstairs with a REALLY and I mean REALLY wet towel. There were wet spots from the kitchen all the way upstairs to our bathroom. Yep, he soaked it in the toilet (clean water) and brought it downstairs. We got upstairs with our socks getting more wet with each step only to find more wetness in the bathroom and our bathroom rug in the toilet!! He looked totally innocent and had a great time pulling this little trick, but we had a mess to clean up and he had a timeout to serve!
This morning....
Normally when Seth wakes up he comes in to let me know and then cuddles in bed with me for a bit until I'm more coherent (he loves laying with my and playing with my hair anyway so it's a win for both of us). This morning, Josiah was up earlier then normal and went downstairs to get some breakfast and start getting ready for school, Alayna must have followed and of course the 'little rascal' did too. I went down to say 'good morning' and make sure it was all under control. They were enjoying breakfast together and sitting nicely. I went up to shower while Dan switched spots with me to go downstairs. In that amount of time, Josiah finished eating and went up to get dressed and Alayna was resting on the couch....Seth on the other hand...he decided the plant by my sink needed watering. When we water it we spin the faucet around turn the water on for a bit and then shut if off and we're done. When Dan went down stairs he found a drowning plant, water on the counter spilling onto the floor with dirt particles everywhere. Now we wouldn't want to automatically blame Seth all the time...however, he was the one with wet PJ' was obvious!!! Many towels and a load of laundry later...all is well again...we shall see if my plant survives the 'love' of a 2 year old!

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