Friday, November 13, 2009

Great Deal!!

This works and it's a GREAT deal!!

I went there with my coupons in hand and it worked great! I got a $32 tag reading on sale for $28....I paid $8.99 + tax.

This is what you do...Take this coupon

and print off the Tag coupon on this Target site. You might have to search for it. (It's on page 3 of the toy coupon list)

For the books: Go to: and on page 14-15 you'll find the books. Click on them to print out the reduced price and effective dates to take to Walmart for the price match. You can print off the first coupon a couple of times and use the $5 off coupon for the books at walmart.

You also get a free ABC book here when you register for the leapfrog program.

If Target gives you issue with the Target coupon, tell them other people have used it for the Tag Jr. That might help.

Happy Shopping!!!


Lindsay said...

Yes - don't you love deals like that?!! I heard someone found them on clearance at one store and ended up getting it for like $1.99! Craziness. Have a great weekend - sorry we can't make it for the get-together!!

Joyful Living said...

Hey!!! Wow you are a blessing! I've been eyeing this for a while. Thanks for the hook up!!! On my way to grab one!

Erica Anderson said...

Hey Michelle! Do you use the hip2save website? They have tons of deals on there right now. I got the UP and Monsters Inc. blu-ray 4 discs packs at Target with price matching and coupons and after a rebate for a total of $8.97 for both! There are alot of other good toy/game deals right now.

Shannon Joy said...

yeah- we are going tonight! :)

brooke lynn said...

where are the coupons for the leap pad books?? looked on toys r us and didn't see it. thanks!

SweetPea said...

I'm so glad it worked!

Tengesdal 4 said...

That is amazing.... I love great deals- but having it broken down into the "how to get it" is helpful for me!!

Kelly said...

Thanks for the heads up, Michelle! I just went and picked one up for my son. He's a little young for it, but I'll put it away for later. Can't pass up such a great deal. Thanks again for sharing!