Saturday, January 5, 2013

Christmas at home

Three out of four of our celebrations are at other homes on weekends.  Our fourth Christmas is actually ON Christmas with our family at home.  Christmas Eve we enjoyed family devotions,  opening gifts (because our foster daughter wasn't going to be with us on Christmas to open gifts together), playing with the gifts and games, we went to the Christmas Eve service and after that we enjoyed snacks in the car while the kids did a 'Christmas Light' scavenger hunt that Dan and I made.  They have a blast, I get to enjoy looking at Christmas lights and we eat fun snacks that we don't have every's a win all around!! 

Christmas Day we opened stockings and had a great day as a family of 5 rather than 6.  It was an adjustment, but it was nice to know that we will be ok if/when our family needs to adjust.  We played LOTS of games, ate good food and made lots of family memories.  It's official...I.LOVE.MY.FAMILY!!! 

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