Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Good News!!

Over the course of Seth's 5 years of life if I had to weigh the 'good reports' about him over the 'bad reports' the scale would weigh heavy on the 'bad report' side mainly due to the biting season of his life...that was a HORRIFIC season!

Anyway, he is starting to balance the scale a bit.  At parent teacher conferences a month or so ago we were given great news about him in regards to his academic levels as well as some positive comments regarding his behavior...he still has room for improvement, but there are some areas where he is exceptional.

Today I received this email from his preschool teacher and it is so encouraging for this mommy to hear these good reports. 

"Just had to share this cool news with you.  We did assessments today and one of the pre-reading skill tests involves rhyming.  Seth scored the highest I have ever had, so I checked his score out further.  He is above the 90th percentile for end of kindergarten year testing!  Way to go, Seth!"

Hooray!!!  So proud of you buddy!!

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