Tuesday, September 3, 2013


I'm WAY behind in posting on the blog, so the next couple posts are 'highlights' to get me caught up again in the hopes that I'll be more consistent...don't hold your breath though! :)

 Women's night for our MC was a lot of fun!!
Dan had a conference to go to for a number of days and so I decided to take the kids to St. Cloud to see grandma and grandpa Kiedrowski, our friends the Larsen's, my sister and then we were off to the cities to see our dear friends the Stacey's and then we spend a day at the MN zoo!!  It was a fun packed few days, but it made the time with dad away go MUCH faster.  I enjoyed catching up with friends and the kids enjoyed playing so much that I didn't take any pics other than at the zoo.

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