Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Great Day!

We had a great day! Our 5-Day Club finished today (it was only 4 days due to the 4th of July) and so after that we went and spent some family time at Thunder Road and enjoyed the bumper cars, go-karts and Seth rode the 3 wheeler. We were surprised to meet up with friends when we went out for supper which was a lot of fun and when we got home we set up the tent and the kids (minus Seth) and a friend from the neighborhood are camping in the backyard tonight with dad. After I'm done blogging I'm going to enjoy an evening of painting my toe nails, watching HGTV, and reading a book!


Heather said...

Nice...summer livin' you guys are! Love it! So funny.... I was just checking e-mails and such and then headed to read a book myself and I just took the remnants of old nail polish OFF my toes. I don't know if I am ambitious as you are to put on a new color - I think I will just go read. : ) The kids are long gone and Shane fell asleep early too - poor guy needs a vacation. : ) Hope you enjoyed your night of "Michelle time".

Joyful Living said...

Ah....I love a night to myself :) We were at Thunder Road recently and it was the first time all 4 of us could participate without one of us standing back and "holding the baby". It made us rethink if we want a 3rd because it was so fun! Looks like you guys had fun! Why can't summer be at least a month longer!