Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Riga, Latvia...Friday - Saturday


We visited the Car Museum in Latvia. It was very fun and interesting! They had old cars, unique cars and historic cars...we have lots of pictures from there, but they don't do it justice so you'll just have to take my work for it. :)

After the Car Museum we went to an orphanage that Calvary Chapel - Latvia (Christa & Vitaly's church) has been visiting to share God's truth with them. We had a time of singing (in both English and Latvian), then we divided the kids by age and shared Truth with the younger kids as well as with the older kids. After that it was time for a great game of sand volleyball! The older kids wanted to take on the Americans (most of the people that were there were American when you consider the fact that just with Dan's family we were 6 of the people out of 10ish)...they won. :) All in all it was a lot of fun!!


Travel day....we left Riga, Latvia at 2:40pm (their time), landed in Minneapolis around 11:30pm (our time). With an 8 hour time difference that adds up to around 18 hours of travel...YIKES! After that we drove to Joe and Chrystal's house, then headed to St. Cloud to spend the night...we crawled into bed and collapsed at 2am that Sunday morning. EXHAUSTED! The trip was a blast and memories were made that we will forever cherish! Thanks again Christa & Vitaly!!!!

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