Monday, August 3, 2009

When a mom loves her child.....

Last week was a bit crazy at our house. We did a kid swap with Dan's brother and so we had our niece Hailey here. She and Alayna play very well together and have lots of fun! The first day we hardly saw them, they played, and played and played! Later on that day Alayna started not feeling well and slowing down a bit....then she really slowed down and we noticed she had a fever. The next day she had a fever of 102 and 103 and just laid down resting. We got her adjusted and she felt a little better, but something was still not quite right. We assumed it was just a virus, or teeth or something similar because she had no symptoms other than a fever and being tired. I kept asking her if anything hurt and she just said her head a little. On Friday she was getting worse and we were in St. Cloud so we brought her to see my sister (also a chiropractor) she checked her over and said if she wasn't feeling better by the next day she'd do a test to rule out a bladder infection. Well, that night her fever rose to 104.5...SCARY!!!! We got her fever down with medicine and the next morning she went in to test for a bladder infection.

Now comes the fun part.....or not really fun, but memorable!! To test for a bladder infection you need to pee in a cup. When you're 4 you go to the bathroom when you need to, not on command! Anyway, there we are, her and I in the bathroom.....she's on the potty, I'm holding the cup in my hand and my hand is in the toilet....I'm sure it would have been quite a sight!!! (what a mother won't do, huh?!) I would bet we were in this position for close to 15 minutes....all that time I'm trying to explain how to make yourself go....trying to get her to drink more....talking about running water....then....finally....she did it!!!

We found out she had a pretty severe bladder infection. Poor thing! It was up too high so she didn't notice it when she went to the bathroom. Kind of scary! Anyway, she's on medication and my pretty girl is back! It's never fun to see your kids sick, but not knowing what was wrong was even worse....I'm so thankful the cause was found and that she's doing so much better now!!


Joyful Living said...

So glad she's feeling better! Poor thing! Those are no fun! I've had similar moments with my boys too :) Many more memerable moments to come I'm sure! The joys of motherhood!

Heather said...

So glad she is feeling better - yikes, high fevers can sure scare a mom. Really glad you were able to find out what was wrong too. I had to laugh at the visual that came into my mind with your "pee in the cup" story. Did you tell her she should get used to it if she ever plans to have babies someday? : )
Enjoy the rest of summer Alayna! SO glad you are better!