Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Creation Museum

Last week we went on a trip to Kentucky with my hubbies mom and step dad. We had a GREAT time! We could have done without the bad road conditions, but I'm thankful that we were able to go there and back safely.

Why did we go to Kentucky you might ask? Well, we went to a conference for the National Center for Family Integrated Churches...the conference was about the Sufficiency of Scripture. It was great! We learned a lot and are still processing some of the information to be honest.

Along with the conference we were given passes to visit the Creation Museum. Needless to say, we had a lot to look forward to....I'll start with the Creation Museum. Here are some pictures from the was pretty phenomenal. I would love to go back again just so that I could take more time going through it (we only had a few hours before the conference started) and read all the, it would be great to take the kids. Pretty amazing!!!

Adam and Eve in the garden...

Do you see anything on the tree?

This was a ride for the kids...adults couldn't sit on it, but it said nothing about hugging it!

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