Monday, December 21, 2009

Family Christmas #1

This past weekend we went to my moms and celebrated Christmas with my side of the family. We had a great time! The kids had a blast with their cousins (there's enough that are the same or close enough in age that they all have someone to play with) and the fun presents were an added bonus to a great weekend!! There are plenty of pictures that I could share, but these are some of my favorites...not pictures of the of the relationships.

The whole was a little crazy taking an outdoor picture with lots of kids and no coats, but I like how it turned out! :)

All the grandkids on my side of the family...yep, 11 kids and they are all close in age...makes for some chaos at times, but I'm thankful they are not only cousins, but friends as well. My niece Madalyn prayed before one of the meals and thanked God for her 'best friends'...

All day they were finding things that were the same about them and Alayna would come up to me and tell me they were twins....cousins, best friends AND twins! :)

The 3 muskateers...they played and played and are the 'best friends' that Madalyn was thankful for....precious!!

I didn't get a picture of Josiah with the cousins he played with all weekend, but he was equally as busy playing and drawing....Seth....well, he alternated between playing and causing trouble...maybe next Christmas will be more relaxing where he is concerned?!

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