Sunday, March 7, 2010

Clever Kids

This morning when we opened the curtains and looked outside we saw a rather large bunny burrowed in the snow right outside the window. The kids were fascinated with how close to the house it was and how large it was. Josiah decided to draw up a trap to catch the bunny. He drew up the plan and then went outside to create it (with Alayna) using boxes in the garage that would be trap him. How will they get him to come into the garage? Carrots, of course! There is a trail of carrots from where the bunny burrowed to the garage...enjoy!

Exhibit A : the bunny

Exhibit B: the trail

Exhibit C: the trail continues

Exhibit D: the bunny ran away...let's build a fort instead!!

Have I mentioned....I love my kids and I love how their minds work!

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