Tuesday, March 2, 2010


So, this morning Seth did GREAT in nursery. I went to pick him up and he said, "Mommy, I play nice!" If you can't tell, we had a long talk prior to going today and...Praise the Lord, it worked!

Then on the way home I sneezed (if you know me, you know when I sneeze I sneeze many times in a row) and here was our conversation after that:

Seth: "Mommy, you ok?"
Me: "Yes, mommy's ok, I just had some sneezes"
Seth: "oh, ok...me try"

Then I hear in the backseat what sounds more like a sick monkey then sneezes. Hmmm, is that what I sound like when I sneeze?


Shannon Joy said...

so cute Michelle! Glad Seth did GREAT in the nursery today!

Heather said...

too funny - isn't it a bit appalling when our kid's mimic us? : ) Praise Jesus for a great day in nursery - so thankful for you and with you!! Way to go Seth!!!