Monday, March 15, 2010

A 'day'cation

one of our MANY trips around the lazy river

enjoying the splash area

I caught them willing to hold still just for a moment while I snapped a picture

peeing on the potty in the hotel...I'm still holding out hope that he will train himself (a mom can dream, right?!)

Seth hopped in bed with the other 2 after finding some crackers...he figured they wanted to cuddle with him. :)

Last Thursday and Friday were considered Spring Break for Dan and Josiah. The week before I had gotten a coupon in the mail for Thumperpond. It was a great deal -- it's winter and the golf course isn't available, so they create better deals in the winter to get people there...we aren't golfers so it works great for us! Anyway, we've been wanting to take the kids at some point, but it just hasn't worked out well until this year.

Now, to get the most 'bang for our buck' we decided to stay just one night, but with the one night stay we could use the wrist bands for both Fri. and Sat. Perfect! Friday we got their in time to check in, get settled and get swim suits on and then the water park opened. was perfect for our family! Big slide for Josiah, littler ones for Alayna and Seth, a splash park area, swimming pool, hot tub, and the family favorite...the lazy river. We had a TON of fun!!

On Friday we played for about 2 hours before taking a supper break and heading to Zorbaz (I've heard a lot about this restaurant, but I've never been there) we had some great food and then went back to the hotel and the kids were ready for another round at the water park. After another hour of playing, the water park closed for the night and the Holder family was ready for a good nights sleep! It didn't take long to hear the 'sleep breathing' from the 3 kiddos.

Sat. we had breakfast and then enjoyed the water park for a few more hours before check out and then we decided it was a great time to end our 'day'cation b/c we were all pooped and it's always good to end when everyone is still having fun. :) We were at the hotel for less then 24 hours, but we had a GREAT time while we were there!!

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Heather said...

Glad it worked out so well for you guys! Pics proved you indeed had a blast. Zorbas - I think that makes you full fledged lake people now. : ) Maybe next time it will work out for all of us. Hope you are super refreshed from your 4 day holiday!!