Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Blast From the Past

Growing up we used to read Keys for Kids. They are still around today...a new cover, but still great content. A number of years ago I ordered a years supply (they were either free or at least a very minimal cost) and we had started reading them, but Josiah was a little too young and Alayna was a baby and so it was a bit tricky. Now that Josiah is quite a bit older and so is Alayna...we decided to do devotions together as a family when we sit down to eat at supper and we will still do Family Time, but maybe not weekly...at least not right now. Last night we did this and it went great! The kids loved the story, the application was easy for them to understand and it created a great (and long) conversation at the dinner table. Our meal was not gourmet by any means, but the conversation was meaningful.


Marlene said...

I ordered some too about a year ago, hoping we could do them with the girls after each dinner time too. They enjoy the stories, but they have trouble applying or completely understand the concepts behind the stories. Unfortunately I think that is due to not growing up in a Christian home and really knowing the Bible and who God/Jesus is and what role He has in our lives. Now unfortunatley we never even seem to be at home to do them together, most of the time we spend the entire weekend with family or friends in the Cities, so there is little opportunity for devotional time. But I am glad it is working great for you! Yes, I still remember reading them when we were young! :)

brooke lynn said...

great pics! looks like you all had a great time!!!