Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Horses and Tractors and Donkey...Oh My!

This year we celebrated Easter out in Kindred. It was seriously the nicest Easter weather that I can remember. God blessed us with PERFECT weather for playing outside. Here are some picture highlights of our weekend....in no particular order...

traditional family picture

we didn't even plan the white shirts...but it worked great!

grandpa and all his girls

a little 4-wheeler action after church

when outside he must say "Hi!" to the horses...especially Jim.

he was outside ALL day...no nap...just playing...can you tell?? He is FILTHY, but he had a GREAT time!

throw all the kids in, it's time for a wagon ride

chatting with mom

we did a lot of this....sitting and chatting around the fire while the kids ran and played...it was GREAT!

what a great picture!

his second favorite thing to do on the farm....

by far his FAVORITE thing to do on the farm...

although he kicked grandpa off right away b/c he likes to ride by himself...yes, he's fearless and feels VERY comfortable on a horse


4-wheeler fun

We had a great weekend of celebrating in a variety of ways the fact that we serve the one true God. He died on a cross for our sins and 3 days later rose again...what a MIGHTY God we serve!

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