Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Great Celebration!

We had a fun day celebrating Josiah! We woke up and had pancakes (Josiah chose to have a green one and so his was made to order), then he got to open his presents from mom and dad. Back in January I mentioned some great deals I found and one of them has been in storage since then. Here he is riding his new bike and wearing his new shoes...as well as his pajamas. :) He was pretty excited!!

Later that morning our family (minus Seth...it was nap time for him), along with some of Josiah's friends and his grandpa Holder headed off to the Red Hawks game. They have a party package which equals NO planning needed...ahhhh...what a fun birthday! :)

The party crew

We got to eat (food was included as well as a DQ cake) down by the dugout so the players came over and signed hats and gloves. With the party each kid got a new baseball hat so most kids had theirs signed....pretty fun!

Sporting his new hat and the gapping hole in his mouth!

Grandpa Holder and Alayna enjoying the game

Even Hawkeye came and gave the kids his signature!

During the 7th inning 'stretch' the boys got to go up and sing "Take me out to the ball game" over the speaker system. It was pretty cute! I have it recorded. Though I came home with a bit of a sun burn, it was a PERFECT day for a baseball game, all the boys had fun, Josiah felt loved and he greatly appreciated his fun party.

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