Saturday, May 22, 2010

Happy 8th Birthday Josiah!!!

8 years ago this morning I woke up early with some back pains. Knowing my due date wasn't until the middle of June I assumed I was having 'braxton hicks' contractions or that I was just getting so pregnant that I was having more pains. We timed them and they weren't overly consistent so Dan and I each went off to work later that morning.

I got quite a few phone calls from him that day checking in with me and the contractions continued all day at work. Though I was having them regularly all day I didn't tell anyone initially b/c I assumed they would tell me, "it's nothing, don't worry about it" and so I would just hold my back a little when they came and when dealing with a customer I'd put a smile on my face and hope they would soon dissipate. I was supposed to work late that night at the bank in the drive-up, so I finally mentioned to someone what was going on just to get an opinion as to whether or not I should go out there by myself. Still thinking it would probably be nothing and that I'd go to work, I told them and to my surprise they told me to head home and they'd find someone to fill that spot.

At about 5:30 I headed home....on the way home they got progressively worse and by the time I reached our apartment and saw Dan they were getting quite a bit more intense. I took a bath to relax, made sure our bags were packed and Dan called the hospital to see what we should do. They told us to stay home as long as we could and so we did. After my bath I paced in our apartment, Dan rubbed my back and then he was feeling a bit more nervous and felt like we should get going at about 7 or 7:30. I said "ok, but can we please leave the bags in the car b/c I KNOW they are going to tell me I'm not in labor and send me home and then I'll be embarrassed". He didn't really respond and so we got the bags, got in the car, stopped at a gas station for a calling card (this was 8 years ago, remember) and we went to the hospital.

Riding in the car was HUGELY uncomfortable during contractions, going up to the hospital floor was uncomfortable (and I was embarrassed b/c Dan insisted that I was in labor and he was bringing the bags no matter what I said). We got registered and they checked me right away and I was 4cm dilated, the nurse was shocked. My first question was, "does that mean you won't be sending me home?" The nurse laughed and said, "no, you're definitely in labor", you can imagine my husbands delight to hear that he was right!! :)

After sitting in the jacuzzi tub during multiple intense contractions, I got out and was going to walk the halls for a while. The nurse mentioned she should check to see if I had dilated anymore first and shock of all shocks I was 9cm dilated!!!! As a first time mom that was a bit intense because all of a sudden everyone was moving really fast and coming in and out of my room super quick. The contractions got even more intense and the nurse told me to get ready to push. I looked up at her and said, "how long does this part normally take" (I had no drugs and was wondering if I was REALLY going to be able to do this)....her response, "for most, about 2 hours". You can imagine my fear!! Well, thankfully she was wrong. It was probably closer to 15 minutes and 5 pushes later that we welcomed Josiah into the world. It was amazing....welcoming our first born into the was a moment I will never forget.....

I feel so blessed to be his mom. Watching him grow and seeing who God has created him to be has been so rewarding. As a parent there are times when it's stressful and challenging, but then you step back and look at the big picture and you realize how incredible it is to be called a parent.

Dear Josiah: I love listening to you talk about Jesus, you ask challenging questions that hopefully will continue to stretch and strengthen your faith. Josiah, you are an amazing big brother...Alayna and Seth are blessed to have you. The fact that you take time each day after school to wrestle your brother and to play with him is adorable. You have really taken to heart our conversation about how your friends will change over the years and that's ok, but you need to work at making your brother and sister your friends because they will always be a part of your life. You desire to do what's right and are often challenged to be an example to those around you. Just a couple weeks ago you came home from school and were telling me how a kid told you that, "everyone gets yellow slips in school" (which means a note sent home to the parents and a trip to the office) and you came home and told me that it frustrated you that he said that because you have never had a yellow slip. My heart smiled. Your heart is precious and I love to sit back and watch aren't perfect and you make mistakes and that's ok, but continue to strive to be obedient to us and even more importantly to God's word, He has great things in store for you. I love you my precious first born.


Heather said...

you will cherish this blog in years to come Michelle and so will your kids. You are so right - what an awesome privilege it is to be a Mom. I'm so glad to have friends that keep me grounded in that truth! I am also glad that our sons are friends because Isaac is blessed to have a friend like Josiah! You and Dan are being faithful to your call!

Lindsay said...

I had to laugh at the stopping to get a calling card - he's gonna read this some day and ask you what on earth a calling card is!! LoL. He was just a little thing! Too cute.

Happy (really) belated birthday Josiah!