Saturday, June 26, 2010

Birthday Fun!

Ok...if you don't know my hubby and I here are a couple things about us you should know. We don't keep secrets from each other...if we try, we usually fail. We are more connected then probably most married couples and so if either of us tries to get away with something we usually fail because we always know what the other is doing. You should also know that we have been married over 9 years and my husband has yet to surprise me. Don't get me wrong...he has tried. He's come close once or twice, but I've ALWAYS had an suspicion and then it was proved true in the end. Even when he proposed, I had a suspicion it was going to happen that day, I just didn't know how. I digress.....

Anyway, friends of ours were in town for the weekend. We were planning a double date for Friday night. I KNEW my husband was up to something. I told him that and he admitted that he had a surpise for me after we went out to eat. His surprise (or so I thought) was a boat ride on the Red River. Don't get me wrong, it was a fun relaxing ride with our friends, but it wasn't anything to write home about (sorry SS Ruby!). We had to get home early because Grandma and Grandpa had to leave to get some work done by 7pm (it's not uncommon that they need us home a little earlier then we had maybe planned, so again, I thought nothing of it) and so after our boat ride we went and got some Dairy Queen and then headed home.

I walked in the door first because I was moving a bike out of the way for Dan to park and then when I walked in the door I saw some food set out, but it still didn't quite sink in yet....then I walked into our kitchen and saw a bunch of our friends starring at me and then saying, "SURPRISE!" He got me...he truly got me! I thought there might be other friends at the boat ride...when there weren't, I assumed it didn't work out, and that was ok. Then we got home and I realized I fell into his trap. He was grinning from EAR TO EAR! Thanks for making (3 days before) my 30th birthday really special!
Our ride on the Red River

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Heather said...

way to go Dan - I knew you would pull it off! Wish I could have been there to see your face Michelle - but I'll get to see it soon! : )